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Opportunities for success

  • Libya is a North African country with sunny periods throughout the year, making it more suitable for various PV applications.
  • Libya is a country dependent on oil to generate electricity so far, but with the policy of raising subsidies on fuel and the weakness of the public electricity grid, thinking about solar energy has become urgent and necessary in recent years.
  • Many citizens started installing these systems in their homes.
  • Many African countries import various components of solar panel systems from batteries and solar panels from Libya, due to their important geographical position.
  • There are many cadres of technical and engineering trained in the field of renewable energies in Libya.
  • Libya is a promising market for those who want to market various products, especially in the field of solar energy.

Vision and Strategy


Work to spread the culture of renewable energies within the Libyan society through lectures and awareness activities and training programs.


Expanding the supply in various fields to achieve the Libyan market is satisfied with all types of energy systems of high quality


Opening new training courses, such as designing solar panels using computer simulations


Communicate with various sectors within and outside the country in order to support and encourage this sector in Libya


Contribute to solving the problem of electricity by encouraging citizens to buy solar energy systems.


Interest in the composition and translation and support scientific research and the publication of specialized books and rare in Arabic, especially in the field of solar energy.