Eng Abdusalam Emhamed

Abdusalam, Ali
Department of Physics
Tripoli University
Tripoli, Libya
Phone # 092-563-7562
Email A.Abubkr@UOT.edu.ly
Curriculum Vitae
Personal Information’s:
Name: Abdusalam, Ali
Marital Status: Single
Birth Date: Jan7th, 1982
Place of Birth: Tripoli
Nationality: Libyan
Educational Qualifications:
2000-2004 B.C in physics, Tripoli University, Tripoli, Libya.
2005-2008 M.S diploma in physics, physics Dept. Tripoli University, Tripoli,
2011-2013 M.S in physics, physics Dept. New Mexico State University, Las
Cruces, New Mexico 88001.
Experience Acquired:
2005-2008 Teaching at several high schools in Tripoli, Libya.
2008 Teaching assistant at physics, physics Dept. Tripoli University,
Tripoli, Libya.
Jan – May 2012 Teaching assistant at physics Dept. New Mexico State
May- Sept 2013 Volunteered as a tutor at Literacy Volunteer of Dona Ana
May- Sept. 2013 Volunteered at El Caldito (Soup Kitchen).
Oct. 2013 lecturer at Tripoli University, Tripoli, Libya.
Solar systems technical, and installation trainer since Sep, 2015
Executive Director of Libyan Desert of Renewable Energy Company Ltd.
since Aug, 2015
Personal Skills:
1) Good at English Language.
2) Good at computer programs.
3) Good at Microsoft office package.