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Ask MetaFilter. I got myself a washer/dryer and a refrigerator, with installation and delivery(supposedly).

Ask MetaFilter. I got myself a washer/dryer and a refrigerator, with installation and delivery(supposedly).

I got myself a washer/dryer and a ice box, with installation and delivery(supposedly). The washer/dryer folks arrived, put the washer/dryer where they certainly were expected to get, and hooked within the dryer. Chances are they said “oh, we do not have the hose that is right the washer, you will have to get purchase one and hook it up yourself”.

Well, lo and behold, a few hours later the ice box dudes arrived. They place the refrigerator set up, after which stated “oh, we do not have the right hose, you will have to get get one and hook it up yourself”.

It was enough to trigger my scam detector. Do appliance stores commonly stay away from water that is attaching? Something related to obligation and/or warranty coverage? This really is in the united states (Oregon), btw. If all I’m getting is distribution, rather than installation, i possibly could simply purchase the things that are bloody from the web.

Anecdotally, for my final refrigerator purchase (a decade ago) and my final clothes washer purchase (4 years back), the installer declined to hook either up to water. For the refrigerator, i guess he had been justified for the reason that my one that is previous did have water hookup and setting up it required a variety of drilling and fishing tubing through 12′ of home cabinets. For the washer, the man provided me with the hose reason. We loudly reported to your shop where i got myself it, they delivered some other person out using the right hose and hooked it.

My SIL bought a fridge that is new thirty days in addition to installer got the old one out and also the brand new one in and plugged in but once again, no previous water hookup so that the installer did not accomplish that component. A pal additionally purchased a fridge that is new month, but her installer did perform some water hookup: their past refrigerator also had a computerized ice-maker and so there clearly was currently a water line.

For my most recent dishwasher, the installer did connect it as much as water (i do believe I would personally have beaten him to death if he attempted avoiding it). posted by jamaro at 2:25 PM on April 3, 2008

This will be all with Sears: i purchased a refrigerator with an ice manufacturer. The old refrigerator had an ice manufacturer generally there was a water line that is pre-existing. They hooked within the water and electricity towards the refrigerator.

A couple of days ago i got myself a brand new range and a new cord since the old cord ended up being pretty old. They hooked within the electricity but didn’t install the no-tip bracket in the trunk.

It is strange you’ve had exactly the same issue twice because of the company that is same. I possibly could start to see the dryer cord being a concern. However it may seem like the water lines for the washer must be a standard size that is pretty. (i am certainly not a plumber though therefore I might be totally wrong). I would personally have thrown a healthy about them maybe maybe not setting up the refrigerator’s water line. That is a large appliance to possess to maneuver around on your own especially when you covered them to set up. published by GlowWyrm at 2:52 PM on 3, 2008 april

Same task happened certainly to me in my own Oregon that is first home. Dudes from BestBuy declined to truly connect the washer up and Sears fridge individuals did exactly the same using the fridge.

I do believe the deal is devices include cheapish synthetic hoses as well as for long-lasting security, you really need to head to a property center and purchase a pleasant line that is steel-braided will not fail 5 years down the road and flooding your property. And so I would imagine for liability reasons (do not desire individuals saying their hose exploded as a result of Best purchase’s install three years from now) they do not touch water line and hope you are going to take action your self rather so that they never have blamed for problems that may happen in the foreseeable future. posted by mathowie at 2:55 PM on April 3, 2008

Had been these appliance installers or had been they appliance deliverers?

“Appliance distribution specialists” are hired often predicated on their capability to transport hefty devices. They’re not prone to have plumbing training that is formal.

I mightn’t a bit surpised when they weren’t expected to do some of the water hookups because of possible obligation.

A leaky water line on a refrigerator could possibly be possibly disastrous in a finished house.

The washer a person is a little puzzling, that I know of as they really don’t have different types of hose. Possibly the brand brand brand new product didn’t include hookup hoses as well as your old people had been eliminated aided by the old washer. published by davey_darling at 3:00 PM on 3, 2008 april

They hooked within the electricity but didn’t install the bracket that is no-tip the trunk.

Actually? The Sears delivery documents says “Delivery Teams will…[i]nstall an assortment – Anti-tip unit 100% free standing and slide-in ranges when supplying a distribution with hook-up”. posted by oaf at 3:44 PM on April 3, 2008

They (Sears) wishes you to definitely choose the hoses. It is that facile. The installer, that is a subcontractor, just appears, at your demand to attach X. The hoses are considered by them”PARTS” plus they usually do not provide “PARTS”.

That is my experience ( right right here in Chicago). published by zerobyproxy at 5:57 PM on April 3, 2008


It’s two things.

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